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           Trust Department Services



When it comes to protecting and transferring wealth, trusts are among the most valuable instruments in today’s estate planning toolbox. Within certain limits set by law, trusts allow you remarkable flexibility in how you use and disburse assets while living and after death and can help shape your legacy.


The administration of a trust or settling of an estate can be a very complex task. Our trust advisors have the experience and expertise to provide the guidance or administrative services you need every step of the way. We recognize that each trust and estate, each circumstance, each family, is unique and work closely with you and your team of trusted professionals to ensure your distinct needs are met.


Creating a trust and well thought out estate plan can be advantageous for you and your family in many different circumstances and can have an important impact not only on your legacy but on your finances today. Below are some of the most common ways an estate plan may benefit you and your loved ones:


• Preserve and protect your assets

• Increase wealth

• Ensure financial privacy

• Benefit a charity

• Protect your inheritance for future generations

• Defer or minimize estate tax

• Minimize probate costs and delays

• Avoid the publicity of your will

• Control the asset transfer to your heirs



Arthur State Bank is experienced in the administration of many different types of trusts and wealth management vehicles, including:


• Living Trusts

• Testamentary Trusts

• Charitable Trusts

• Life Insurance Trusts

• Estate Settlement

• IRAs

• Guardianships

• Conservatorships

• Agency Accounts


At Arthur State Bank we offer objectivity, continuity and experience in trust and estate administration. A dedicated trust officer is assigned to all accounts for which Arthur State Bank serves as fiduciary. As part of our services we will administer the trust or will according to its terms, communicate regularly with beneficiaries and prepare the required records, statements, and tax returns.


If you would like additional details regarding our services, please call us to schedule an appointment.



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